The Hilo Amateur Radio Club was organized in 1931 by Otis Hill, then K6AJA (K6 was Hawaii’s prefix before World War II). Hill boasted during the 1930s that all amateurs on the Big Island of Hawaii were members. Hilo ARC has a club call. In 2008, we decided to honor the memory of Jack Wheeler by making KH6CC a club call. Jack was a very active amateur. He was well known especially on 160 meters, his favorite band. Hilo ARC used KH6CC for the first time as a memorial during the CQ WW 160 CW contest in January, 2009. We are an active club.
KH6CC History
KH6CC Jack SK ..

KH6CC Jack Wheeler passed away on April 9, 2008

Jack was one of my best friends on topband, a special person for me. The first 160m QSO with Jack was around 1970 when his call was yet KH6CHC. Since then we have worked several hundred times. Also the first time I visited Jack was mid 80's and since then I visited him so many times. He was 88 years old while he started ham radio at the age of 13, so he kept working for 75 years ! I guess Jack was the second 160m DXCC holder while Mike VK6HD was the first in Oceania. He said his 160m DXCC was 215 countries and would complete WAZ with one more zone.

Many thanks Jack. Rest in peace. We all will miss you on 160m.

73, Aki JA5DQH / KH7A
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